HomeAgain is the new open-source solution to monitor and interact with your home. Much more than a simple home automation system, on one hand HomeAgain enables you to easily set up physical sensors in your house and on the other hand it lets you install beautiful apps to monitor and interact with those sensors.

Let’s say your are concern by your quality of life, you set up a few temperature and air quality sensors and install the HomeQuality application that will gives you feedback on quality of life based on real data.

And as you’re also concerned on your safety, you also install the SafetyAlerts application. There’s no need to buy new sensors, you already have them ! And they are automatically shared among all applications ! And later when you want to add new sensors or a new app, you do it in one click and everything will work seamlessly, existing apps are notified of any new sensor and existing sensors will be used by any new application.

And what’s more ? It’s released under an open source license, so everyone can contribute to build new compatible sensors or new beautiful apps.

From environment challenges between neighbours to safety monitoring HomeAgain applications can be anything thanks to our developers API. And because your home is something private, you can grant or revoke each application access and/or control to any sensor in nothing more than one simple click !

HomeAgain started in October 2013 as student project from the Ecole Centrale Paris (a French top engineering school) in partnership with Klee Group (a french consulting firm).

Newsletter and GitHub project page are cooming soon…. !

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